How to use GitHub and contribute to open-source projects?

A noob guide using Github Desktop!

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Step-1: Download "GitHub Desktop" from here(Windows & Mac) or here(Linux)


Step-2: Login to "Github Desktop" and Prerequisite: Sign up for a GitHub account if you don't have any!

Step-3: Go to left-upper menu>File>Options>Account>Sign in


Step-4: Click 'Continue with browser' GitHubDesktop_9pSyrJa7qF.png

Step-5: Then give permission/authorize GitHub desktop to connect your GitHub account. Step-6: Now, navigate to any GitHub repository and click on 'code' Then click on "Open with Github Desktop"

firefox_UnKaasG5K9.png Step: 7 Then click on the clone to make a local copy of the repository.

GitHubDesktop_LnD9c8ogtE.png Step-7: Then make changes to codes! Then, you need to fork the repository to contribute(Pull Request). Click left-down "create a fork?" to fork the repo.


Step-8: Then click "Create a fork" GitHubDesktop_tuV06OmjwJ.png

NB: You can skip Step-7 & 8 if you make a copy of your repository before cloning. Just click on "Fork" on the right-up side of any Github repository. firefox_lh4Y1sr1qh.png

Then you need an additional step after cloning the repository. That is you need to specify if you make changes for the parent repository or your own.


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